Dear September, thanks for showing up on time and please bring us lots of Joy and Peace and Happiness and Yarn if you don’t mind :-)

Hello Everyone!! I was taking it easy on this blog for the summer and now it is time to rev the engines back up and start posting more often :-)

September can do that to me.  When  I am starting the last quarter of the year I know you I need to stay focused if  I want to have another stress Free Handmade Christmas, what about you?

I know there are lots of more organized bloggers out there, and I am seeing their finished Christmas projects and it inspires me.

But, today, let us just focus on welcoming September and I want to give a big:

S h o u t   O u t        S H O U T   O U T        S h o u t    O u t 

to the 1,002 Word Press Followers!! W O W!!!! I am truly humbled, Thank You Thank You!!!

I am a little behind on answering all the comments but I am working on it, Thank you for all your nice comments and inspiration, I truly appreciate each of YOU :-)

This beautiful image is Romanian Lace, please click on the image if you want more inspiration from another WordPress Crochet Artist, Susan Lombardo.

Keep on Learning new stitches, Have a Happy Tuesday and See You Soon ….lots of Hugs!! :-)


When you have yarn and a crochet hook you feel that you can resolve anything, with hook and yarn/thread.  

Take for instance my 5 month old Kobi, which is really not my puppy but my son’s puppy. She is growing too fast and she outgrew her collar.

I decided that I had yarn and I didn’t need to buy another collar seeing she is growing too fast.

To start this project, I cut off all the metallic parts of the old collar and made her a brand new fashionable one, fit for a Princess :-)

I used single crochet and slip stitch to achieve the look and I think she likes it, since she haven’t tried to take it off, and I am happy how it looks on her.

So, the moral of this little post is to say: next time you are thinking  to throw out perfectly good metallic parts..DON’T… it can come in handy.

I hope you like it! Here she is:




I just love to keep in contact with each of you Lovely People, I am always smiling when I write my posts, I want you to know that my day is Always Happier after I visit with Y O U, hugs and much love.

So, now I want you to enjoy all the beautiful granny squares that we had for Granny Square Day 2015.

Granny Square Day is an annual event open to all who want to take part and it has gone on for several years now. It seems that it is getting bigger with each passing year.

Please sign up for Instagram if you want to take part next year :-) this was my first year participating and I enjoyed it very much.

My granny square you have seen before,  so it is  “Vintage”  in a way :-) please look to the right,  where it says Instagram…

We had I believe over 3,000 squares from all around the world.

The organizer/creator is  Suregal27, or Susan,  she did a very good job, and she is a very nice lady.  Please click on the link and you can see I am not exaggerating :-)

So, this is all for today, Enjoy It Is A Gift!!




Hello Beautiful People!! Monday is a great day to start blogging again after a whole month off, I needed the rest :-)

How is everybody doing? Summer is all but gone and I hope you enjoyed spending time with friends and family and getting acquainted with nature.

As for me, I have taken it easy and working on projects when I feel Like It :-) I have gotten a great dose of inspiration from other Crochet Artists, participated in A Granny Day on Instagram and just have fun with Crochet.

Can you believe we are in the final part of the year already? and for us that means that we need to organize our time now so we don’t have to rush to finish those last minutes gifts.

I have saved some really nice works that I have found on social network and they are not mine…

Happy Monday Everyone!!! Welcome Back!!!









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