March is a very special month around here, and I cannot believe today is the last day,  Time Flies, let it count.

National Crochet Month went very well, there were festivities all over blogosphere, I hope you partied at least ONCE :-)

This little blog turned 3 years old, and that is truly an achievement in my opinion so I need to keep setting goals and challenging myself to keep her going…

I am promising you, DaniellaJoe and all my visitors, new and not so new that I will keep feeding and nurturing this blog to the best of my ability for as long as I can :-)

Crochet is a journey, not a destination, there are stitches to learn and stitches to perfect and stitches to develop and techniques to master…and the list goes on and on.. :-)

Okay, now comes the fun part of announcing the giveaway winner,  but before giving you the number that generated when I entered  the 25 lucky “contestants” I need to assure you that EACH one of you should have won, if it is not today then stay put your lucky day is coming, sooner than later :-)

And the Winner of the giveaway is: #23 :  Olive she has a blog by the name of Knotted things, and she is new to this blog and it seems to blogosphere, so everyone please welcome Olive and I hope Olive, that you practice your crochet skills :-) you are going to love the yarns and the bag and the notebook :-)

So, again, thanks to all of you who participated in the Giveaway and thanks for stopping by to visit with me,  and thanks for leaving uplifting words and  good tips:  You ARE Fun!!    and I am happy I met you… :-)

Have a great and fun day, stay Inspired and create and perfect….see you soon…          



Yummy Yarn Giveaway for DJ’s 3rd Blog Anniversary.

The gift includes a Red Heart bag plus Sashay Bohos yarn from Red Heart plus Heartland yarns from Lion Brand plus a spool of Craft Ribbon for the finishing touches of your projects and a cute notebook to jot down your designs :-)


To enter just leave a comment. I will pick a winner on March 31st…good luck !!!! I hope YOU win :-)


Happy Blogaversary Give-away


Please enter another birthday giveaway!!

Originally posted on My Time Stitching:

Today is my 3 year anniversary since starting my stitchy blog.  It has been a fun ride and I have met so many wonderful people.  I started this blog as a way to keep track of my projects and share my passion for stitching.  So, to celebrate my anniversary, I have a nice little giveaway that you can win. Simply leave me a comment on this post telling me which of my blog posts is your favorite or which one of my projects is your favorite. I will draw one name to win the following prize:


The prize package includes a piece of 32ct Lugana Solo from Silkweaver measuring 16 x 25 ( a definite mistake in ordering as I don’t stitch on 32ct, but the fabric is beautiful!), The February 2015 issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine (I renewed my subscription and received this one after I had purchased it)…

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Easter Giveaway!


Enter to win!!!

Originally posted on Rainbow Junkie:

These last couple of weeks I have been taking time out of my other projects to make a little something for a special Easter Giveaway to celebrate just over three years of blogging and over 400 (now over 450) email followers!

As you can see from the picture it is a crochet basket containing seven decorated crochet eggs.Eggs in basketHere is another view from above to give a better view of the eggs.

Eggs in basket from aboveand another to give a better view of the basket.

BasketOf course I made the eggs in the seven standard ‘rainbow’ colours. They are about normal egg size.

To enter the Giveaway all you have to do is to leave a comment below and you will be included.

You have up until Easter Sunday to do this and on Easter Sunday I will choose a random winner – probably by the ‘names in a hat’ method and on…

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Crochet handkerchiefs was the rage not long ago, it spoke of refinement and elegance, and was very practical especially if you had that runny nose which would not stop.

Now kleenex tissues has taken over, while practical it is non reusable and adds tons of waste to our landfills.  Paper tissue is not as elegant as hankies especially when you have to blow your nose or wipe sweat of your face in public, don’t even remind me of the flu season and the yellow gunk.. gross…

So, for Mother’s Day which is just around the corner I want to make some of these bygones and practical and ladylike handkerchiefs for my Mom who just likes them and keep hinting to me how pretty they are. I am keeping one for myself because I am elegant like that :-)

If you want to join in the fun you will need fine thread. I may use quilting thread Image result for quilting thread or embroidery thread Image result for quilting thread Image result for quilting thread

or any thread that is readily available, next you will need a really small hook, but don’t choose one until you have your thread.

To buy handkerchiefs you may have to do it online. I couldn’t find any at the mall.  That is it for supplies.

Next comes the edgings.   Some Artisans prefer to crochet edgins and then sew unto the handkerchiefs,  I prefer to crochet unto the handkerchiefs, since I tend to simplify everything.

They are lots of edgings out there, please check out my edgings Board on Pinterest or you can design your very own edgings.

So, here are some examples for inspirations, thanks to G and P..

 Towel Edgings

Image result for crochet lace edging handkerchief 

Vintage white fine linen handkerchief Schiffly lace edge 3 Lot Vintage Hanky Handkerchief Embroidered & Crochet Edge Four Beautiful Vintage Embroidered Floral Vintage Handkerchiefs Hankies 

And for the Bride, she needs some really nice looking handkerchiefs 

So, what do you think? Pretty and Practical right?

I hope you consider making some green handkerchiefs, the sooner the better.

Have a fun and inspired day today okay? :-) :-)




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