MONDAY 11/30/15

I hope you are wrapping up today and smiling :-) It was all worth it.

Now, we can do more window shopping for inspiration. Christmas is a season that has lots of  crochet goodness….

Image result for crochet christmas gifts Image result for crochet christmas gifts

Image result for crochet christmas gifts Image result for crochet christmas wreathImage result for crochet christmas gifts

The good thing about these type of projects is: they are fast in most of the cases.


 Image result for christmas crochet

So, I am wishing you a very easy week, sit back and enjoy the holiday season…..

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It has been pretty intense but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, which is good :-)

I have multitasked for some time now because I am DETERMINED to relax and have a good time:  all of December. 

Almost everything on my list is finished and I am doing some wrapping….that  MTB  blanket is not going to make the cut but I will consider it a last-minute gift if I finish it :-)

So how is it going with you?! I know most of you are doing great with “The List” as far I have seen when I have visited with you :-)

Okay, let us keep it short and sweet……we are still not there yet…..

Have a very productive day today..Enjoy Every Minute: It Is A Gift…..


Happy Thanksgiving to You!!! I hope your day is filled with food, friends and family :-)

 Image result for crochet thanksgiving 2015

Enjoy!!! Hugs!!! :-)

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Thanksgiving Day is almost here and it is a good time for me to celebrate all you wonderful bloggers and artisans.

Every year I like to pause to say a big and warm and lovely:

Image result for thank you

Image result for flowers clip art                 Image result for thank you    Image result for flowers clip art Image result for thank you Image result for flowers clip art

 to all you Beautiful, Lovely and Extremely Talented people that visits this little blog, I just love it when you Like or give me wonderful feedback in the comments…….  which is always appreciated, Thanks :-)

WordPress gives me a look into who are my Top 6 commenters and I want to give these special 6 people A BIG SHOUT OUT!!!

Sharon and her blog: Sharon – creativityandfamily  the name of her blog says it all.  I enjoy my visits with her…Thank You Sharon!

Fatima and her blog: fatimasaysell she travels in her motor home and takes us to really beautiful places………………..Thank You Fatima!

Tanya and her blog: yarnya she is relatively new to crochet but you wouldn’t know it, her work is beautiful……………….Thank You Tanya!

Christina and her blog: alookatthelittlethings will keep you inspired with all things crafty……………………………….Thank You Christina!

Johanna and her blog: littleblackdogsa is a fun blog, she has a little Diva dog that is cute as a button………………….Thank You Johanna!

Sheila and her blog: sewchet is always inspiring, now she is crocheting for   Crochet for Calais   to help refugees….Thank You Sheila!

Of course there are many more who always comment but these are the top ones :-)

Let us keep in Touch! :-)

Image result for thank you Image result for thank you

Image result for thank you Image result for thank you Image result for thank you

Have a Very lovely and Creative and Perfect Day Today…Love You Much!!!

thanks to google for all images :-)


Our Road Trip a.k.a Tool/Work In Progress Bag is officially over, and it was a little bumpy in some places but overall I hope it was enjoyable.

This bag is perfect for carrying around our projects when we are on the go,  it can be worn as a backpack or as front bag.

We learned 3 techniques/ stitches: Star/Marguerite Stitch, Trinity Stitch and the most challenging to me was the Catherine Wheel/Starburst stitch.

I learned a few things: the Catherine Wheel technique can be tweaked to your liking and you can make more changes to a completed project,  if you don’t “feel” the design. Remember it is over when you feel it is over/completed.

I had to change the button from top to bottom because I did not like how it looked at the top of the bag, when I sewed the button to the lower part of the bag, I “heard” a click …. it looked perfect now :-)

Here is my bag:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you took the trip and made your own unique bag please ping back so we can all see it, if you chose to do so :-)

Well, thanks again for coming along on this Road Trip and I hope you enjoyed it.


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