Independence Day is here again and I need to say we are very happy we get to celebrate this great country and ask God to guide her and keep her…

Hope your picnic goes well, and it doesn’t rain…

See you at the fireworks tonight…

p.s. click on picnic for a song I am sending to you :-)                                     thanks to google for images

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Hello! Just checking in to wish you a very happy and safe 4th of July weekend, enjoy it to the fullest!!

 And please don’t crochet and drive nor drink and drive nor text and drive.. Etc :-)

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Hello Summer!! Good morning Everyone!! :-) I hope you can have a cup of coffee with me and let us sit back and relax and enjoy summertime…

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Summer is a time when I take it easy, especially with my hooks. But I am planning on finishing several WIPs: like the WIP I really want to wrap up very shortly is my boy RR.

I want to start another project that will complement my Recycled Room. I want to work on a Crochet Clock: this clock has not worked in like 5 years and I refused to throw it out. I want to cover it in crochet to put it in my Recycled Room,  I will tell you how that goes. I need to find  which I did, now to wait until it comes in. I hope it works with my wall clock…

Next, I need to continue working on my dishcloths, and hopefully decide what my Christmas project is going to be…

So, what are your plans for the summer? did you start on your Christmas List yet? share with me please, okay :-)

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Picnics, water parks, etc please enjoy!!

This is all for now, hoping your Tuesday is Terrific :-)

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I am happy to say we have completed another Road Trip. This time we learned the basics of Tapestry Crochet.

Tapestry Crochet is a technique that uses more than 1 color and it goes by several names, click here if you would like to know the history of Tapestry Crochet.

I decided that we needed a cute, chic and fashionable coin purse. If you have a designer purse now you can complete the look with a Designer Tapestry Coin Purse, that you won’t be embarrassed to take out in public…. :-)

I like this project because you can “paint” anything with this form of crochet. It takes lots of concentration but the stitch that is used is the single crochet which you can master in like 2 minutes.

This type of crochet is ideal for purses, rugs, hats, etc, I have seen it used for winter sweaters, socks and gloves, especially in Nordic countries, it has been around a long time.

First thing I learned is that I need to check often that I am “carrying” the unused color, if not, I may find out that it was left behind, lots of stitches ago and then I need to unravel (which I hate) to go back and pick it up.

Second thing that I learned is that I need to keep separated the different colors of thread/yarn, preferably by a good distance, that way I don’t need to deal with lots of tangles.

So, yes, I like Tapestry Crochet and I want to keep practicing this technique, do you agree with me??

So here is my new Chic Coin Purse :-)







I hope you are all caught up by now, because we are going to sew on the metal clasps today.

Your 2 crochet flaps should fit neatly in the metal clasps, then take your needle and sew into each hole. I had to do single strand thread because the needle could not go through the hole when I doubled the thread.

Sewing will seem easy but to me it was hard, I took so much time on this section it is not even funny :-) well it is in a way :-) but the holes were so small and it takes several tries….

So, I hope it went faster for you and check the photographs for any questions or leave any concerns in the comment section….thanks!!







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