Well to start, I want to say I have no idea how to proceed. I want to start the second part where the two sets of ribbons are joined to make the middle and outside of the doily.

So I’m off to visit with Ira Roth hope she doesn’t mind…

I know it is easy, after I have learned the technique but for now it’s all crazy for me.


  so how would you do the joining? I think you have to join as you go…
Well this is all for now…See You Soon…


  1. Although I haven’t worked with thread that small, I believe I done in the round as you go. Each row increases and grows with the design. Good luck with finding it out. Can’t wait to see what you learn. Enjoy your day.


  2. I would make a long ribbon without cutting the thread in case I need more, joining as I go to the groups of three loops one sees in the middle, counting carefully to make the oval shapes the same length. Then I would add the outer ribbon. I would work the filling-in motif afterwards, then there is an edging. Hope this helps.


  3. It’s beautiful. I’ll visit her blog for sure. Blessings Always, Mtetar


  4. Quietly observing from the shadows……………………


  5. Hi there! I made my first piece of Bruges lace just before Christmas and I really loved the whole process, but every so often I would have a little crisis of confidence where I found I just couldn’t find the “starting point,” if you know what I mean. I think a lot of Bruges lace is join-as-you-go, picking up each loop as you reach it and making the ribbon follow the path of the diagram or chart. If it helps, I found that my piece didn’t look right at all until it was finished – you have to trust your skills and not worry too much if the work looks distorted! (Mine did, anyway. Maybe it’s just me!)


  6. Haven’t looked that closely before but it looks to me as if you work both from inside out and outside in. So if the bit in the middle is not one of the ribbons you work it first but if it is a ribbon you work the outer ribbon first – and join as you go – as you say. So in the one in the picture: work the outermost ribbon and the centres of the loops then make the loopy ribbon joining to outer ribbon and centres as you go. Then make centre rose and afterwards make inner ribbon joining rose and loopy ribbon. Finally work lacey edge. Just a thought!



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