I hope you had a very lovely day today, I didn’t want to end the day without sending you lots of chocolates and balloons and flowers and everything lovely. This day is not only for couples it celebrates friendship too 😀 

It is really nice to have a day when I can tell you that you are special and that you are appreciated and I love my visits with You!

Stay lovely and don’t forget to be thankful everyday!! Hugs and kisses 😘 

All photographs are thanks to Google


This is the vintage lace/puzzle I am hoping to replicate…I have lost a lot of brain cells trying to decipher the second round….

If you solve this puzzle let me know, okay? 

I may need to unravel part of it to find out, what do you think?

I’m working on this doily too:

Plus experimenting with new stitch combinations…

I like working with one solid project as opposed to working with individual pieces that need joining (think granny squares) I don’t enjoy starting tiny little circles x hundreds of times 😌

That’s just me, I know, but now I feel like I need to break out of my routine and do another “joining project” I like changing things up all the time.

So changing subjects: this little blog of mine is having another birthday in the month of March, yay!! 

I cannot believe Little DaniellaJoe is still around, she may not be thriving at the moment but nevertheless she’s still breathing and eating/crocheting 😀

I am planning to celebrate this joyful occasion with you so stick around won’t you? 😀

It’s late, so have a good rest please, we need to solve that lace puzzle pronto 😀

See you soon…


The Game is this weekend, Are You Ready?!

Ok, I may not like that sport a lot but I must admit: it’s exciting to watch the Super Bowl 😀

So, I decided to give the guys a treat, of the crochet kind….  I went window shopping on Pinterest to find football stuff 😀

I think these are perfect for the big game, they look like at least a week project, so why not start on Sunday and finish in a week? Just a thought….

There’s something for everyone on your list. But I think the cutest projects are the ones for infants 😀

So, choose one of these projects and get ready for this Sunday, if you leave a link I will post it.

Have a fun weekend and a happy Friday!!!

All images are thanks to Pinterest and Google 


Good morning!!! How’s it going? I hope it’s going fantastic 😀

This weekend I worked on several projects and tried to decipher a very pretty lace vintage… I had no luck, the first round was no problem but the second round is hard…

This is the lace:

Plus I started a thread doily, I love thread crochet and I was missing it 😀

Plus,  I’m working on something for my bathroom counters….

I think I’m back into the full swing of creative crochet and I’m happy 😀

Happy Monday Artisans!!! Have s great week!!


Happy Monday Everyone!!!

My posting habits are going to get better soon, I promise.

I am getting my working space organized and trying out new stitches.

A lot of new stitches are just the basics stitches worked in a different way.

I am practicing my stitches making dishcloths so you will be seeing more dishcloths.

In other news: I want to start a big project soon, I’m missing the adrenaline rush 😀

All these where googled and I use them for inspiration!

Happy Monday!! Enjoy ever minute 😀

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