Today is wordless Wednesday for me, because words are not needed to describe these crochet baby projects….come along for the ride… Enjoy!!

Baby needs a cute car seat blanket and a cute owl to hold all the toys.

All these are thanks to Pinterest and Google 😀

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Artisans!!


I am back to posting regularly. Summer is almost over and all the Olympic excitement is just a memory.

First News: I did not finish not even ONE project, which I had set out to accomplish while the Olympics were on, so I did not bring home ANY medals🙂 but I am working on several projects which I started on the first day of the Olympics.

 I am hoping to finish these WIPs shortly,  does that count for at least a Bronze medal for effort?….I hope so…

Second News: Remember my post: Where Do I Go From Here? click here if you want to read it.

Well, to start, I want to thank littleblackdogsa , Carol D, uhbeautifuldisaster and koolaidmoms ,  who took the time to leave their opinion in the comments section: Thank you lovelies…… you deserve the Gold🙂

The suggestion that came up more often was to make a Handbag with my houndstooth crochet cloth. So, that is exactly what it will become🙂

I went to JoAnn’s craft store to look for a nice leather strap, that would complement my Red & Black Houndstooth Handbag, but I did not find any, so, I decided to use an old purse that I don’t use anymore because it is not “new Looking” any more🙂

Third News: this is just a FYI, for those who were asking if the yarn gets snagged in the hole of my DYI Yarn Holder, the answer is NO!!! thank heavens it is working like a charm, no more lost hooks, no more yarn rolling all over dirty floors, no more hateful tangles…It Is ALL good YAY!!🙂

So, this is all for now, Enjoy Your Week!!! Stay Creative and Productive, the Christmas rush is almost here…again….





Lazy vacation days are almost a thing of the past, only few more days remain for all of our students: young and old.

Today, I want to highlight crochet inspiration, to set yourself apart from the crowd🙂


The bag above is the Sak handbag, this company sells crochet bags. I own one of the bags from this line. I don’t feel bad🙂 I wanted a crochet bag without the work🙂 don’t judge me🙂

To protect your Ipad in style, here a few ideas:


There are so many really nice, classy and cool crochet items for everybody  on your list, why not go Crochet everything 😀

Enjoy today Tuesday it’s a gift!

All images are from Google


Happy Monday everyone!!! Today we celebrate the Classic and Iconic Granny Square.

I think the granny square is the backbone of crochet, and,  Yes, the  granny started as a square but now  you can find it in thousands of shapes and forms.

Mine was made with thread and resembles a flower:

But, the granny square made with yarn is the norm. Each square is joined to make beautiful blankets, bedspreads, etc., or done in one piece for a “giant” granny square blanket.

I used this type of technique when I did my Recycled Sofa:

In other news: today we celebrate the Granny Square with an event organized by Susan, it’s on Instagram, so please open an account on Instagram, and post your granny with the hashtag: #grannysquareday2016, Susan is going to build a Giant Collage.

Rush over  to Instagram and join in the fun! 😀

Happy Monday!! See You Soon….


If you like granny squares and  enjoy taking part in the making of a massive virtual blanket, then this is for you.

Susan from suregal27 on Instagram is organizing the event for August 15 2016.

I hope to see your granny there 😀

So, this is your personal invitation,  let us make a special granny, okay? 😀

Have a terrific Thursday !!!


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