December is hereΒ finally, we can now relax and enjoy the whole month πŸ˜€

I still need to do some wrapping and maybe a Road Trip, but I’m happily finished with the crazy speeds.

I found two activities/parties, Just For Fun, click hereΒ and hereΒ if you like to partyπŸ™‚

I bought several colors of yarn and I am trying to come up with something festive and easy for the Road Trip aka Crochet Along, stay tuned…

I love this for the mailbox, google it if you are interested. I think it would look more perfect if it had one or two snowmen… that’s just my humble opinion πŸ˜€

These look cute for the outside! so many fabulous things, so little time.

Image result for crochet big snowman


Image result for crochet big snowman

Okay, let me stop here. These are Googled, please thank the talented Artisans for meπŸ™‚

Happy December! Happy Monday! Happy Week Artisans!


Happy Thanksgiving to each and Everyone of You! I like You a LOT!!!

I enjoy this holiday because I get to reflect on all the good things in my life and Be Thankful for each of them.

I want this post to be a little different: I want You to say what you are thankful for, it can be ONE word or Many, we don’t mind.

I will start: I am thankful for You, (please insert your name here) I like our visits together and the inspiration you bring, it always put a smile on my face.

I am thankful I met You, my artistic life is richer because of it. 

You bring Inspiration and you let me want to crochet a lot more and write more and take more photographs, etc. 

Each of You excel in your niche and that is what I am thankful for.

I will leave this post here but I am going to check in often…I wanted to spend the day with my hooks and relaxing but I need to help to cook if I want to eat ☺️

Enjoy your family and Friends even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, it is always nice to hear that we are special to someone.

All pics are thanks to Google 





I am still around, but I am trying to finish so many UFOs (un-finished objects) before December rolls in, it’s a little crazy…

I have a feeling You are doing exactly the same thing  πŸ˜€

My Thanksgiving doily is still a dream away and it is not good because Thanksgiving is next Thursday, don’t ask me how that happened…

I want to work on my Secret Santa gifts too, my hands are really full…I don’t know if I am coming or  if I am going…I don’t even know what day of the week it is…

I really want to have one last Road Trip aka Crochet Along with all of you, but we will have to see if I can pull that off…

But I can dream big, so here are my ideas: One big Star or a Star garland, take a look at these: 

Image result for big crochet christmas garlands


Image result for big crochet christmas star



Related image

What do You think? I want this trip to be short nothing more than 4 or 5 days.

Well, this is all for now, let me know your thoughts… See You Soon…

all images are thanks to GoogleπŸ™‚

MONDAY 11/7/16

No need to tell you time is running out for our check List. I hope we are up to date on all our work in progress.

 I’m trying to keep up with my List, plus I want to have a Road Trip before the year is over, so I’m really multitasking to the max πŸ˜€

Changing Subjects: who says a doily has to be round? No One!!

I need to practice making different shapes of doily. I have always made round doilies which to me is easy, but when I saw these I knew I had to make an “odd shape doily” soon.

These two are really  stunning, and I’m tempted to change from a round doily to and odd shape doily……

I have finished my design of the Black Eyed Susan motif, I will post that tomorrow.

So, this is all for now…Happy Monday Everyone!!

Google images 


I like to change up Christmas colors every year, because if not the holiday can become “not Exciting = BORING “.

So, I found a website that helped me a lot: because they condensed the colors by palettes. is where you will find these beautiful colors:

I like them all but I’m partial to the ones with gray and red, you know why πŸ˜€

So, what color palette is your favorite? Or do you like the traditional colors?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

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