My experiment with Kool-Aid to dye my lace doily has failed. I took it a little hard, at first, but now I am determined to find a dye that looks the same color wet or dry.

The rust color just isn’t appealing, some areas are darker than others, etc.

So now I am going to try Rit Dye to see if it works better:

I have a feeling this dye may work, but I  need to find the right color first.

I am going to experiment (Not on my doily, mind you) but on unused yarn….so that if i don’t get the shade right the first time I can switch and try again with another color….that way I can keep a smile on my face 😀

If you have a better suggestion let me know, okay? 

So, that’s it for now, I hope I have better news next time……See You Soon….


I finished the Lace Covered Pumpkins project and I think I like them:

The Kool-Aid did a good job but I had to let it stay soaked in the mixture, if you look closely at the photograph, you will see drops of kool-aid on the pumpkin.

The following photograph was taken when I took it out of the mixture and let it dry:

It looked really awful so that is why I had to leave it in the Kool-Aid mix.

Don’t you think little Pumpkin need color too?? To me it doesn’t look right, it looks out of place.

I think if it’s not going to be near big pumpkin it looks fine. But if I put it beside the autumn colored lace Pumpkin, it suddenly looks out of place, do you agree with me?

You can see the progression from neon green to a nice burgundy color.

Okay, let me leave now, I need to scratch another project off the List…

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy!

Last photograph is thanks to Google.

#stitchingsanta 2016!

Sounds like FUN!!


ButtonThe last two year’s #stitchingsantas were such a roaring success, that I promised to do it all again this year and the time has come to sign up!

It’s a Secret Santa with a difference aimed at all the like-minded crafty folk here on the internet – YOU!

Whether you’re one of the lucky few whose family know and understand you so well that you receive endless perfect gifts based on your love of sewing/crochet/knitting or, like me, your wish list is met with a “What do you want one of those for….what is it anyway?” – #stitchingsanta is for you.

Can you imagine unwrapping a gorgeous skein of wool, a perfect metre of fabric, some vintage buttons or some embroidery silks? Perhaps a little handmade gift has been popped in the parcel too? All lovingly thought out with your interests in mind and guaranteed to be under your tree…

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TGIF 10/21/16

I love Fridays and I cannot lie 😀

I am so eager to spend the whole day with hook and yarn, two of my forever friends.

I am very close to the finish line with my lace covered pumpkin. Next comes the hard part: using kool-aid to dye the yarn, I’m hoping to get a nice autumn color and not a weird shade of green 😀

So, I hope it rains on the weekend, because I want to concentrate on my List, visiting with you, watching movies, NOT doing chores and posting….

What are your plans for this weekend?

We have few weekends left before it’s all over and then we rest.

Happy Weekend Artisans!!

Images from Craftsy and Google


Today, it is all about miniature snowmen. 

I like them, just take a look at them: they make Christmas decorations come alive, they make your gifts special and unique and they always put a smile on my face 😀

I like them with lots of colors, like these  (they made an appearance last year too)

Or, less colorful like the ones above. I think these types of snowmen works well if I am decorating using a specific color.

Or, the following snowmen when you don’t have a specific color in mind.

You can find Tutorials for these on Pinterest 😀

Happy Tuesday Artisans!! Enjoy today!!

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