Hello One and All!!! I’m slowly coming out of hibernation, and I’m eager to get back to posting.

The Olympic Games are right around the corner, and I want to multitask while watching my favorite competitions…..I’m only going to work while the commercials are on 😀

How is your summer going?? I know some of you are very productive ….. Hats off to You!

I have been working on a few items but I must confess I’m not up to speed, it’s more of a slow leisurely pace…

I want to check to see if anyone has fun activities for the olympics, if I find something fun, I will let you know, so we can compete in the stress less comfort of our homes 😀

If I don’t find anything fun then I will try to come up with something fun in time for the games, in the mean time you can get some inspiration with this set from Maggiescrochet, I found it on Pinterest…enjoy!


This tutorial is to show you how I softened a blanket I made with several brands of 100% acrylic yarn.

Online you can find several ways to soften this yarn, especially the ones that are more “hard” or scratchy to the touch.

You can soften the yarn before you start your project or after you finish your project. I prefer AFTER I finish the project because I find that yarn pick up a lot of dirt when it’s dragged around: like when part of your massive blanket gets dragged on the floor or when you crochet with dirty hands, etc.

So, check out how I softened my 100% acrylic yarn blanket:

1- First, you want to soak your project in a little shampoo (cheap shampoo works fine) for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2- Next, you want to put your project in the washer with half a bottle of moisturizing shampoo and an equal amount of any detergent you normally use then wash with cold water.

Use the Easy Care/Gentle Cycle and the second rinse option, if you have that option on your washer. The second rinse washes away all traces of detergent, shampoo and conditioner.

3- Next, I added half a bottle of conditioner and equal amount of fabric softener to the first rinse cycle, and remember DO NOT add any product to the second rinse.

4- Let your project air dry until it is almost dried and then you put it in the dryer on the Permanent Press Cycle with one or two or any amount of Scented Dryer Sheets your heart desires.

That is all Folks. You will enjoy your SOFT 100% acrylic project with the heavenly  smell 😀


HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

Happy Independence Day!! May you have a beautiful and safe day and may your fireworks be bigger than ours.

Have fun with friends and family and relax, we are going to need it…..we are almost ready for the Christmas rush…

Each year passes faster than the previous one, or so it seems…

I am going to post soon, my CD wall art is almost checked off, I hope you are checking off lots of pesky WIPs so you can start exciting new projects… I know that I am doing exactly that 😀

See You soon beautiful people!!!

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The Male Teen Blanket (MTB) is finally crossed off, wow!! it feels good 😀

I am happy to announce that the experiment came out with beautiful results: 100% acrylic yarn can be soft and “not scratchy” if you wash it with shampoo and conditioner, and I added a little Tide detergent because my poor baby was seriously dirty.

Here is how I did it: I soaked it with a little shampoo (you know, the type you get in hotels 😀) then I went to the dollar store and bought more shampoo and conditioner. I chose these:

Next, I put it in the washer (it weighed a ton when wet) and pour in half the bottle of shampoo and a little Tide detergent.

Warning: Please wash acrylic yarn in cold water. I have no idea what would happen to MTB if I forgot and wash him in hot water….shudder… But, in the future, I want to experiment washing acrylic yarn in  hot/warm water, with a very tiny project 😀

Next, I used the Gentle Cycle or permanent press cycle and washed it at medium instead of heavy soil since it was not that dirty, and I used the 2nd Rinse Option, to wash away all traces of detergent, conditioner and shampoo.

I added half a bottle of conditioner and added a little amount of fabric softener I had at home, in the first rinse cycle, I did not add any for the 2nd rinse cycle.

I let it air dry all night and in the morning I put it in the dryer (Permanent Press Cycle) with several sheets of a generic fabric softener I had at home, and Voilá….It came out really nice smelling, clean and soft and cuddly and warm with very bright colors 😀

So, YES!!! you can buy cheap/sale yarn and shampoo and condition it and it will be “all you ever wanted in a yarn” soft. This is perfect for big blankets, which can be expensive, especially if you are using the double strand method like I did, for a real sturdy and warm blanket.

So, I am very pleased with the results of the experiment and to finally say adieu to big boy MTB 😀 I’m going to miss you..

Have a fun summer weekend Friends and Artisans….See You Soon…



Messy Monday

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Missy's Crafty Mess

I have enjoyed knitting on my Momma Vertebrae Cardigan so much that I decided to dye yarn so that I can knit another one for my Daughter. Then I decided hey why not let her dye her own yarn. I knew that it was going to be a messier process than when I dye yarn. I also was concerned about her accidently getting chemicals in her eyes or accidently ingesting it so I decided to use Kool Aid for dye. It’s bright and cheery and non toxic but boy was it a mess to clean up. The results however were worth it.

What we found out from our Kool Aid experimenting was that the Lemonade and Pink Lemonade did not show up at all also the Cherry, Black Cherry, and Tropical Punch all turned out to be the same shade of red. So if we were going to do it…

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