The Cost Of Thread Is Going Up!!!


Hurry up and get your threads, prices are rising right along with the gasoline.

I was at the mall on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised to see a crochet purse

going for $80.00. Right then and there I decided that I wanted an “original” crochet

purse and I was going to crochet my very own…so off I went to my closest Walmart only to have

another surprise, this time it was a little more upsetting: my threads was going up in

price. So I proceeded to hastily scoop up several and made a dash to the register before any new prices

went into effect. Now I have enough (I hope) to start and finish my purse, and to try my hand at Irish crochet (lace).

I have been watching You Tube, and they have really nice tutorials.

The weather is really beautiful outside so it might take me a little longer to finish each project

but I will be completing each one…Stay posted!! share what you are working on….


  1. hmmm …. this is somehow inspiring me to start crocheting with crochet thread again! LOL !
    I was thinking of destashing a while back, and donating yarn that I haven’t used. But with the prices going up, maybe I’ll just leave it in the box a while longer … I might have to start digging into my stash when the prices are too high for me to buy new yarn!


    • True!!!
      And there is so many creative stuff for all that yarn if you watch You Tube. No need to buy overpriced items to freshen up your home, you can make pretty cute or practical stuff yourself….


  2. Hello Schmoozelfleugen!! I know I am stocking up, lol……but seriously it is not funny at all.
    Yes, I picked up a size 30 thread to see if I can create lace….I have been watching You tube so I’m getting quite ambitious πŸ™‚


  3. I get so aggravated these days…don’t they know we’re all broke out here? But prices keep going up and up…ugh. Maybe I’d better stock up on my acrylics for my toys, before that skyrockets, too.
    Oh, well…we will keep crocheting!
    I see you’re using size 30 thread. Nice!!!


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