Aunt Lydia’s Or Red Heart?

I bought crochet threads from these two trademarks and I find that there are very similar in quality. Both were made in India of 100% mercerized cotton. Aunt Lydia’s has 350 yds compared to 300 yds from Red Heart.

Up close they are identical, so I am using them to crochet the tablecloth which I am still working on.

Size 10 thread is nice to work with, it is easy on your hands compared to size 18 crochet thread.



  1. Well Red Heart is sold at Walmart which is closer to my home, Aunt Lydia’s at Michaels which is farther away but when Walmart doesn’t have my shade of blue then I end up with Aunt Lydia’s 🙂


  2. Hmmmm…decisions! I usually wind up with Aunt Lydia’s for the extra yardage.


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