It’s Almost Done

Well I am almost finished. I have worked on my purse for almost 2 weeks now and have neglected the gym, I need my daily exercise. So  sometimes I multitask , take for instance the other day, I had my earphones on listening to my audiobook and I had a brilliant idea: why not crochet and dance

with my Hula Hoop all at the same time? and so that’s what I did!   Picture me in your mind but please don’t laugh Okay? I  burned some calories and still worked on my purse. I love exercise, books and crochet and I don’t want to neglect anyone of them for too long. That’s my dilemma especially when I want to finish a project. Well that’s all for now and don’t forget to Have A Nice Weekend!!!!!


  1. Yep!!! sounds like my thing, lol!!!


  2. Crocheted with a hula hoop. That is impressive! I have kicked back on the exercise bike (against a wall) and crocheted while I pedaled, but no way could I maneuver a hula hoop while crocheting. Awesome!


  3. Between a Hula Hoop and Zumba, with salsa playing in the background, I am usually good to go. Hope you had fun!


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