I want to attempt to decipher these designs, It won’t be easy and I may need help but at least I am going to try to crack the code.

If you cannot find it on Amazon it does not exist, not 100% true but very close. I  finally found my size 1 mm needle. It came with a set of 5 needles that included  to my surprise  a size 0 needle which I did not know existed.

So this is a journey I want you to take with me, we must keep this craft alive and maybe even invent our own designs, I hope I am not being too ambitious but I believe we  will succeed.  Come along it will be a fun ride….


  1. I just popped in on my way out to the garden. I’m in Connecticut, we’re having a cold, wet week. We need it! In between the drops, though, have to get that garden prepped for the seedlings.
    Our crochet lace journey…three different sized threads, and a fabric? What are we hoping to achieve here? A wearable?


  2. Found you some tiny hooks!
    Here’s one, Brand: Addi, with covers, you check off the size(s) you need and go from there..

    These are $6.50 a piece, but they’re Addi, and they have covers. Covers are cool. Paying more for a brand is not. They are well-made, though, and the covers form a nice handle.

    and here’s Herrschner’s brand hooks, again you check off the size(s) you need and go from there. This brand offers what they list as a 13/14 hook.

    These hooks, no covers, are well-made, and cost less than two bucks a piece.

    Here, you can get the whole Herrschner’s set for less than ten bucks. You’ll have duplicates, but these hooks are fine, so duplicates are not a bad idea!

    Finally, here’s a Clover brand “Soft Touch” hook, size 14, a whopping almost nine bucks. But….beautiful, beautiful hooks, with wonderful handles.

    Where would I go? I would lean toward the big Herrschner’s set from Amazon…and a box of Sculpey eraser clay.

    While we’re shopping…here’s that Sculpey eraser clay at Amazon!
    Each of the little 1 oz bricks makes two good size hook handles.

    And here’s how to make those handles….

    Ahhh…it is, right now, pouring on my little slice of Connecticut. I swear, if I had an air mattress, I would do some yard camping! Hmmm…maybe the car….


  3. With threads, higher numbers mean thinner threads. I suggest you go no higher in size than a size 30 thread. Size 8- tatting thread…you may as well be working with sewing thread.
    You can stick with your size 10 thread, too. If you’re planning a wearable, then, sure, you can go up to a 30, for a nice fine, lacy drape.


  4. I found tatting thread at Herrschner’s, size 80. THIN stuff!!!! That’s the stuff my Gran used to work with. Ooo, too thin for me!
    Anyway, I found it here:

    Also, found a great site with all manner of info on hooks, threads, etc. I’m booking it.

    As soon as I fone more info on hooks and appropriate threads, I’ll pop in and let you know!


    • Thanks Captain Wendy!!, the book gave me that size but please choose your own thread size. If I cannot find the 70 I will go higher too, I won’t be going thinner. I will check out the other websites. I am still trying to get a size 14 needle.


  5. That size 0 hook you found is part of a series of steel hooks. The category, steel, indicates that those hooks are made for thread, for laces. With all other hooks…aluminum, wood, acrylic, bone, etc..the size of the hook goes up with the numbers. With steel, however, the sizes go down as the numbers go up. “0” and “00” are the largest of the steel hooks, roughly comparable with (we’ll use aluminum as a guide) a size B or C hook. From there, the steel hook numbers go up, but the hooks get tiny. 0 and 00 are pretty big for lace, but excellent to practice with! For standard size 10 thread…try a size 5 steel hook. You’ll see the difference right away. If you don’t see them at Amazon, try Herrschner’s, online. They…have…everything!!!

    I have a #14 steel hook here. I never use it, but it was Grandma’s so I keep it close. That one, she used to make stuff with in size 50 tatting thread. Cotton thread, like their steel hook companions, gets thinner as the numbers go up. For the finest, high-fashion piece, size 30 thread and a size 7 or 9 hook…fine, fine results. Blindness, hand cramps, six months on a project…but really fine results.

    You’ll be able to crack this code. I’m seeing mostly single, double, treble crochet here. Put them together to make what looks like the popcorns, the picot edgings, the leaves…With your talent, I see it happening!

    Research Irish crochet patterns, with the symbols. It’s a coded blueprint for the finished piece. With your talent, you’ll have that code cracked in no time.


    • Amazing!!! You are definitely coming in as The Captain. You are right I ordered them from Amazon but they are from Herrschner’s, I will be posting when they arrive. The size 30 thread says .75 mm / 12 , you know something I think I ordered the wrong set of needles, stay posted Wendy, this ship isn’t leaving soon, there is a lot I need to learn 🙂


      • No, not amazing…it’s just what I was taught. Herrschner’s is THE source. Just ask anyone’s Granny!
        Poke through the site, ask for a catalog.
        about the hooks…size 30 thread probably does ask for a sz. 12 hook, but…I can’t even see a sz. 12 hook! I use a nine. That’s just me. Get your size 30 and try it with a #12, a #10, or #9…see which hooks you like best.
        Look at Herrschner’s hooks. Do they sell a steel and bamboo handle set from susan Bates? Marvelous hooks!!! Remember, the smaller the hook, the smaller the handle, your hands can get pretty tired.

        You can always bake your own fashioned handles onto your existing hooks with Sculpy. I just did a bunch, will photo and post. You and your wonderful daughters can have a ball baking handles onto your hooks, and you’ll have wonderful tools that are fun, functional, and cause a lot less hand stress when you’re done!
        Have fun collecting those hooks! You know you will start collecting them. Wooden hooks are cool, for yarn. I wasn’t wild about acrylic, but I’ll bet your girls will love them. For thread, I have a collection of old “Boye” brand steel hooks. Love them all!


        • Hey Wendy, size 10 needle is what i am going to use for the size 30 thread. I didn’t see any bamboo needles., the needles are size 0 1 which are giants then 7 8 9 10, hopefully these will handle the 2 other thread, I couldn’t find size 70 at H..any sugestions?


          • You want to work size 70 thread? How will you be able to see it??? For thread that thin, you’re going to need a much smaller hook, like a 14 or even a 15 if you can find one. Look into Herrschner’s tatting supplies. That’s where the really thin stuff is.


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