Before we start on our adventure I see the need for preparation, we need to train if we are to reach the finish line.

First of all I want to thank Wendy for her tips in this area and you can find her Blog Schmoozelfleugen right here on WordPress.

I have done a lot of research online and there are really great places to get all the preparation we will need. I like the website Knitting and Crocheting Smart for learning the techniques we will need to create our designs, and Herrschners, Inc. website for supplies, trust me Walmart nor Michael’s have the needles we will be using. You tube has really nice tutorials if you are a visual person like myself.

Tips : You must count, crochet = counting, go over the names of all the basic stitches, don’t be like me and learn the names of each stitch ( I am learning the proper names of the stitches too). Have several sizes of needles and choose the most comfortable one, this is extremely important. Wendy will be posting a tutorial on needles, I hope by that time to have learned how to link with her Blog. The thread we will be using will be size 30 and that will be the easiest part.

Please feel free to leave tips about any technique you have learned and most important, repeat most important is to develop your own style. We will be starting soon, Bon Voyage!!!


  1. For me, Google has been my best friend and mentor. You’re looking for a stitch? Google it. You will find both written and video tutorials all over the web for just about every stitch you can imagine, via Google. I also love Crochet Spot. Rachel has a great site there, chock filled with tips, tricks, tutorials…just type in what you’re hoping to learn, and there will be a pretty good chance she’ll have a tutorial up for it…with mouse overs for lefties, too!
    Yes, you must count, count, count! and keep a notebook handy, just a little something to take notes, keep count, etc.
    for that size 30 thread, I’ll be using a size 9 or 10 hook. That’s a little on the big size for size 30 thread, but…I really like to be able to see the hook. I will most likely get some more Sculpey baking clay to make a handle for that skinny hook, too. I have a little arthritis starting in my hands, and those baked clay handles really make a difference. You can buy squishy hook grips, as well, at Herrschner’s, Michaels…maybe your Walmart, but not mine. The ones areound of them doesn’t even stock yarn any more.
    But that’s another rant….


    • Where do you buy Sculpey? so far I’m okay with my needlest but I want to tryout using a sculpey handle


      • I got mine at Walmart, in the section with the Kid’s crafts. The whole set, I forget how many little bricks of clay, was ten bucks, came with a couple of mencils for your erasers, some other stuff I didn’t need…but that was because I wasn’t making erasers. You can also get Sculpey, or Fimo, at Michael’s. It doesn’t have to be the eraser clay, they make others. Look in the aisles that have the modeling clays. You’re looking for polymer clay, with cooking instructions on the package 😉


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