This is my completed TGIF purse.  I used a size 18 threadand Boye size 5 needle.

I used  single, double and triple crochet stitches, then the v stitch to add a little “glamour” and a stitch I claim  as my own since I haven’t seen it anywhere else. The 2 outside pockets are single crochet and  my own stitch.

I decided to line it with clothand to make an inside pouch to keep everything organized.

The red and blue highlights are size #10 thread. The red is chain stitch and the blue is single stitch. I will grade this as E for easy. I hope you like it!!!


  1. thanks you are very kind…..and it’s not a frog it’s….a turtle! 🙂
    this is part time crochet but it helps when you are using a size #18 thread..:-)


  2. This is gorgeous! LOVE the frog!!!! You got through this fast. Do you crochet in your sleep? This would have taken me months to accomplish…time is short here this time of year. Awesome work!


  3. Thanks, 🙂


  4. I really love thid bag, and all the bags you make. The idea of crocheting around the brass circle is genious. Keep on hooking girl!


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