Irish crochet lace, late 19th century. The des...

Irish crochet lace, late 19th century. The design of this example is closely based on Flemish needle lace of the 17th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lesson No.1: I consider these five examples as easy, it is a little tricky doing single crochet on a foundation but you get used to it fast. Remember, our foundation thread is size#3 (F) and size#10 (M) for the motifs. We will be using letters to describe the 2 sizes. When you see F or M you will know which size to use.

“..Irish crochet laces are composed chiefly of figures executed in plain stitch, and sometimes completed by loops of chain

Mom sent some vintage linens to me after my gr...

Mom sent some vintage linens to me after my great aunt's death. The work is by relatives in Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

stitches and trebles; they are always worked over a cord foundation.”  single crochet  is easy, the tricky part will be giving form to each motif and learning other types of stitches.

I like the way you twist the cord and start the second row, thank heavens we will be using thicker  threads. We will be getting feedback from Wendy on the next lesson. It will feel like a rollercoaster: from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds or like going from kindergarten to 5th grade in 24 hours, Strap Yourself In….. it Is going to Be a Wild Ride….See you tomorrow for Lesson No.2!!!


  1. Yep!!!!


  2. These are great instructions! Clear, consise, and easy to follow. I never got using different weight threads, just always used the size 10. But now I get it! See you for lesson Two!


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