Lesson No.2: these will be done by twisting the cord to form rings and covering with single crochet all around. …”These are just the basic subjects that will form crochet wheels, flowers, leaves in flat and raised work”…when you look at it bit by bit it doesn’t look too intimidating. It just take time to get it right but in the end it will pay off when you have an authentic beautiful lace you can add to any projects you are working on. And don’t forget to share your own techniques with us…


  1. I love these photos. When I zoom in on them, I can clearly see what’s happening. While you work the cover stitches (looks like all single crochet around the foundation cord) just go with the flow. Don’t over stitch, but keep things “just” covered. If you put too many stitches in a loop, it’ll buckle on you. Practice!


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