I want to crochet a Penguin Purse as a gift to my god-daughter who is turning 6 years old. I choose size #18 thread because it is sturdy and can take a lickin’. I wanted white and black but someone scooped up the white thread just before I got there.

I know my god-daughter will be fascinated with her purse and is going to wear it everyday until she goes off to college so it has got to be tough. I want to crochet all parts as a whole instead of crocheting the limbs and then attaching them to the body, minimizing an accidental amputation.

Well wish me luck, the purse should resemble a penguin, only a penguin and nothing but a penguin.  I am not artistically inclined and cannot draw to save my life, but I like to believe that I can do almost anything with thread, we will see…..



  1. I can;t wait to see….


  2. You can do this! Keep those photos handy, and go with the flow!


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