These are the symbols we will be using to explain the motifs. I think visual instructions (symbols) are a lot easier to follow when you are dealing with crochet.

I am truly inspired by all the blogs here on WordPress that has to do with crochet, there are a lot of talented people doing really creative stuff. Everyone seems to have their niche or specialty. Blouses, Afghans, Toys, etc.

Crochet is like a universe with different planets and galaxies, I never thought it was that immense. Happy Monday everybody, You Rock!!!!


  1. Hey Wendy, I finally got it, it was fig 14. Did you start your niece confirmation lace??? can you put up a tutorial on your site so i can link it??? I’m going to continue with the motifs until all are done then you can show how you link each motif. I have been watching you tube and they have really good tutorials too…hugs!!


  2. yes it is, this is learning time for me, hope I get it right the first time, we will see 🙂


    • If anyone can, it is you! I know I didn’t. I had problems following the repeats, to the point where I actually wrote them down in old-school. Finally got it, but it took a while.


  3. Isn’t it amazing, just how immense the crochet universe is? That’s why charts are so wonderful. They have no language barrier. Here’s the “fun” part of charts, you only need the initial part of a repeat. So, we “old schoolers” who are accustomed to reading patterns “repeat from * to *,” only need to look at the chart. It starts and ends with the old, written * sign.. It also gives you the following rows, which you would have to read a lot to get to in a written pattern. Cool, huh?


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