This is just one model you can try when you decide you want to have your soaps in a cute bag. It doesn’t take long and I did it all in different types of basic single crochet. I’m convinced I could have improved on those 2 flowers, but I just wanted the project completed, so I did just a basic flower. Another day in the near or far future when I’m more ambitious I will crochet carnations and take my soap cover to a whole new level.

Here are the steps:The width of the body is adjustable, you can make it bigger if you use “mensize” soap, you know the type the guys use?? or the Lavender and Rose type for women you can find in Ross or Macy’s???.

To start you will need to do lots of single stitches and then for the second row you will do single crochet and so forth until you get the length you want. Add the handles, the flowers and a tie and you are…. wait!!! before I forget, the trim is single crochet with size #10 thread.

I have a feeling that eventually I am going to add to the trim and give it a more lacy look. This will do for today. It is a project for you to develop into your own. I rate this E for Easy. Hope you like it!!!!


  1. Hello! Thank you for comment on our blog – I’m so happy you had a look, now I get to see your blog! I love it and your soap cover is gorgeous. I definitely give it a try. I also completely identify with your “ad lib” approach to crochet – I have never been able to follow a pattern, I have the same problem when it comes to cooking…sigh!


    • lol!!!! I know it’s like physics to me…don’t understand much….I like your soap cover too, it’s very practical…thanks!!!


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