The second wheel is an original version, the motif that is in the book is really difficult work, very slow and tedious because you work with a foundation thread so you are having to coordinate two threads, this takes lots of practice to get the flow or rhythm going.

Practice makes perfect, but this is  not my cup of tea, so I decided to work without the foundation thread. This is Modern Lace not Irish Crochet.

I started out following directions: the motif to the left is the way it should look, if I go with the original version, the motif to the right is the completed motif. I am planning on finishing the motif to the left so you can see the difference and decide which one you want to complete.

The motifs are all made with basic single crochet and some popcorn stitches, I like the look of the original version but I don’t care for the foundation thread nor the size of the thread (#30) so expect more changes fellow Artisans!! See you soon….




  1. Oooo, I hate working with a second, foundation thread! Like you, I just go without it. I love the stitch definition of your picot stitches!


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