I have been feasting on WordPress, again!!!

I have come to the realization that I cannot entertain the idea of trying to create a lot of “yummy” stuff like  granny Afghans, Amigurumi dolls and etc., to even attempt such a feat would require a trip to the nearest Psych Ward, so I’ve decided to specialize in one area and hopefully keep my sanity in the process.

I have worked with cotton yarn before and will continue using it very sporadically but my real love is thread. Crochet thread is in my opinion very beautiful and versatile.

I have just bought some size #3 to add to my size#10 and please don’t believe that I am narrow-minded, I’m not,  this is just my way to keep this addiction in check.

My little “Nem” (aka nemesis) is coming along nicely. I am using recycled items to stuff him, I will be explaining soon.

Have a fantastic and creative week fellow Artisans!!!!


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