Today I started the process of trying to duplicate the antique gem I found online.I started out by choosing  thread and  needle. Then made 10 stitches and closed the circle with a slip stitch.

In the circle I stitched 18 single crochet and closed with a slip stitch to complete my first row.

Then for the second row I did a variation of the double crochet. 

In  each single crochet from row #1 you will stitch a double crochet and  separate each one with one chain, and close with a slip stitch

You can do the third row in your own version to put an authentic touch. Here are the pics:

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The instructions will get better with time, Please have patience.


  1. These instructions are already perfect! No need to make them better. They are clear, concise, to the point, without being jargon-laden. and the pics are clear enough to follow, even without the written instructions!


  2. Very pretty. Thank you for the tutorial.


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