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This vintage design is very beautiful but I cannot decipher the cute 3 headed motifs. The thread I am using is a #5 and I cannot seem to get that “look”, and right above them is another puzzle. Any ideas Fellow Artisans?

The flower motifs I figured them out, they are not identical but I think it looks convincing.

Help me break the code and I promise a nice gift, to the first person who think they have the answer.

I found the piece on Wikipedia and I want to reproduce it.

Well, I will continue working on little Nem and checking often to see if any Artisans has a clue.

Happy 4th Of July Week and may you have a creative week, hugs!!!!!



  1. This is looking like…from the center of the piece, your starting ring, a round of filet (single or doulbe, chain one, single or double…then onward into a dolid round of doube or possibly even triple crochet stitches…then another round of filet, for sure single crochet, chain 1, single crochet around for that one…then a solid round of single crochet…and that’s where it picks up the little clover motifs. I don’t know the Math here, so I don’t know what the original round had in it for number of stitches. Let’s work around the magic number…5! In the round with the little clovers, it looks like…5 single crochet stitches, then a double crochet. Then…chain 3, go back to the top of the double crochet you just made, and make a slip stitch. Now…looks like that middle loop might be a little bigger, to pick up the next round…let’s try a chain 4 or 5, then back to the top of your double crochet stitch again, and slip stitch. Now, chain 3 again, slip stitch in the top of the double crochet stitch. Now, how to get back down to the lower round…I’m thinking, slip stitch along that same double crochet stitch until you can smoothly pick up the lower round, to do that whole repeat again, all the way around.

    As for the big one…that’s looking like a tulip motif to me…let me see what I can find for some workable patterning there…


  2. Crochet says:

    The motifs that are below the flowers and the motifs that are below those, so there’s two rows that needs to be decoded…


  3. Are you talking about the long motif directly below the round motif that you deciphered already?


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