Little Miss Nem (aka Nemesis) is finally here!!!I have put the finishing touches on this purse and I want you to tell me if I did her justice.

The journey to create this purse was long and arduous. I did not envision the purse this way but I think it turned out okay.

I used a lot of stuff that I refused to throw out like red ribbons and patriotic pins and red lace and buttons.My god-daughter wanted a doll too so I incorporated it into the design.

I decided today that I was not going to work on it anymore so Little Miss Nem does not have a tail or feet, but she has a wardrobe: a purse a necklace a shawl (I crocheted on the red ribbon).

Most of the doll was done with the amigurumi technique. The purse was single and double crochet.

I hope you think Little Miss Nem is cute…

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