I hope all of you lovely creative Artisans had a nice Independence Day.

Today because it is beautiful outside but mercilessly hot, I have decided to start another project: A Beachbag.   I have shared with you some time ago how I went to the mall and found a beautiful crochet purse and decided then and there that I wanted to make my own.

Now, I am on a roll. My new project is to make a Big Crochet Bag the type you can take to the market, the beach and anywhere you need a massive bag, yet I want it to be light on my shoulders, when empty. I should add here that it is not intended to be over filled, I enjoy being “pain-free”.

To start, I did 110 chain stitches with a twist: I took one strand of brown and one strand of white #3  100% mercerized cotton thread (please visit G-Ma Ellen blog, she makes beautiful rugs using this technique). I will be using a Susan Bates size 0/ 2.55 mm needle. Any one knows the name of this technique?

I will use single crochet: front loop (FLO), back loop (BLO),

classic (CL) and I am debuting variations that I have invented.
Tip: count as you go. This is hard for me too, the easiest way is to count until ten and put a marker, then proceed to make another ten stitches. It is hard counting with this technique, so make your life easier by using a marker

 These are my original looking markers, they are practical too.

Row #2: cl single crochet. The purse will have many different colors for a happy summer look.

Well, this is all for now. Hope you visit often and leave tips, I appreciate them. Ciao!!!

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