The Ground Stitch or a crochet web joins each motif to form the pattern.

Here you can find the first eight groundings as it called in the book.

It does not look difficult but we need to practice until we can do it in our sleep. Crochet is repetition and the more you repeat a stitch the easier it gets.

Practice by adding it to any work in progress you are doing. The written instructions will be in a later date. I am not certain if I can become a pattern writer, I find that its maddening, and I refuse to take on a second job. I want this to be a fun relaxing hobby.

Well this will be our lesson for the next two weeks. I tend to alternate between projects to keep me motivated and creative. If you believe you are bored or in a rut, leave that project and start something new, okay?

That’s all for now!!! Stay focused!!! Leave your tips!!! see you soon…



  1. I found a blog with free tutorial videos, one of which covers a basic ground stitch, Here:
    LOL, I cheated!


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