Crochet is practiced around the world and its history is  long  and beautiful. The same basic stitches can be arranged in hundreds of different patterns.

I learned to crochet when I was about 6 years old. My Mom taught me the basic stitches and I took it from there. We had some doilies and I deciphered them and made some doilies of my own. I have crocheted handkerchiefs and stuff that I made up. I don’t have formal training, in fact I just learned the name of the stitches after I started this blog, shame on me.

I like to experiment with the stitches, take for instance the slip stitch I have done for years and I just used it on my TGIF purse  well what do you know it has a “name”, I was like Excuse me????

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” let us apply it to Crochet: If you happen to “discover” a pattern does it mean it has not been used before by someone else?? What is your take on that? can you claim or even copyright that stitch???

I have the belief that if you tinker with the stitches long enough you will come across a lot of neat patterns that just might have a “name” does that mean you swiped it??

My designs are all freeform, I cannot read patterns. I am like the musician that can play music but cannot read music. So I make up stuff while I’m crocheting. Hopefully I won’t get sued, cross your fingers…

I want to learn vintage techniques, and I am still waiting for someone to help me decipher  this beautiful piece…


  1. So pretty; doilies remind me of my days growing up in Panama. My mom and grandma insisted I learn to crochet. I did, but haven’t done it since then. Memories!


  2. “I cannot read patterns”

    So neat you can do all of that and can’t read patterns. I read somewhere the Irish didn’t have patterns for the famous lace they made either. I usually need a pattern to give me the feel of how to proceed and then work it out on my own.


    • J.G. do an experiment start crochetting and it will come to you, the basic thing is that if you want it flat it should lay flat, if it starts to look like a ball you need to unravel it and add more stitches, have a starting point and ending for each row….let me know how it goes….


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