Today was such a beautiful day, no clouds and the heat was reasonable, after 6pm I should add.

I got up from the couch and put on my walking shoes, my Big Bag project will have to wait.

So I hit the trails and enjoyed naturesaid hi to the many squirrels that live in my favorite park, and  all of a sudden it came to me: I like being frugal and creative at the same time, enough of going to the mall and buying stuff  I can make with my own two hands.

People that crochet and knit just to name a few  crafts, are really doing their brains a great service. When we are creating we are exercising our brains which in turn keeps the brain young.

I just wanted to share this with you to encourage you to learn something new every day and to live a thrifty frugal lifestyle.

Please have a happy relaxing frugal and creative weekend!!!! See  you soon…


  1. I’ve been wondering if my brain can handle walking and crocheting at the same time. Then I’d be more likely to exercise and for longer periods of time! Surely I could manage granny squares? lol.


  2. Now that is true, so, I’ll have a young brain from crocheting. Ooh! I wonder if it helps with wrinkles too? ;-p


  3. Going to the mall to buy yarn is fine but when you start adding to that list, well….lol!!!


  4. It’s true, isn’t it? How many times have we seen something, like a sweater or a simple scarf, that was outlandishly priced, and said, “I can make that.”
    And then there’s the creativity, the basic exercising of the brain, the release of the Muse…that’s so much more fun than going to the mall! Unless, of course, you’re going to the mall to buy yarn for the project you just dreamed up.


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