The Big Bag is progressing slowly but steadily. As you can see I just had to have grannies and my favorite color in this soon to be “Favorite Bag”.

My Fave Big Bag is strong, I used double strands for sturdiness and I am trying to use elements of modern lace that will give me more practice before embarking on our big trip.

This new week will take us all over the Google World, I will try to bring you Crochet Around The World, to celebrate the Olympics.

I am hoping you will come along with me as we circle the globe in 7 days. It will leave us exhausted in a good creative way!!!!

I enjoyed watching this video, since I want to use my recycle rings too.

Hope this week brings peace and happiness and safety, Love you guys!!!


  1. thanks!!!! grannies rock!!!!


  2. This bag is going to be fabulous. Love those grannies!!!


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