Tapestry Crochet is another form of crochet. Carol Ventura specialize in this form of crochet.

I like to visit her site “Tapestry Crochet” here on WordPress. She has been all around the world learning and photographing beautiful works. I hope you take the tour, Enjoy!!!

Tapestry Crochet Tutorial can be seen here:http://youtu.be/uIX7gGW79Bw

Turkish Pouches

I hope you get inspired seeing different techniques and works by people all over the world. It will widen your horizons!!!!


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    Very interesting blog covering very interesting crochet techniques! I’m definitely going to keep my eye on it!


  2. Oh, Boy! With your talent with thread….double strands, smaller hook (maybe a size 0 or 00), nice tight stitches, and you could make bowls. Seriously! Work in the round, or oval, or even square, until the base is the size you want it, all in single crochet, then run it straight up, changing colors according to your color chart. Stop when it feels right. It’s a challenge! Just about anything can be charted. Any simple bead work pattern can be stitched.
    These hats here, worked in worsted weight yarn and a size G – to – J hook, would be too much fun to wear, especially if you made them in real wool, larger than you need, and felted them. That dense wool fabric would make a winter hat that would last for years!


    • Wendy I think you need to give us a class. I am trying to get educated by reading books but it seems you are formally trained. would you like to do a class???


      • I have not been formally trained, only what I learned through books, and at Mom’s knee. That said…sure! I would love to share what I’ve learned!
        Give me a direction, I’ll start poking through some tutorial writing. Where would you like to start? I’m currently working with spinning (absolute beginner) wool fiber into yarn, and then I’ll start my niece’s free form bag. We can explore that, or we can start with this tapestry crochet idea, how to turn a simple chart into stitches. My immediate two pennies? Start with a simple chart, minimal or no shaping.


        • can you start with a tutorial on spinning??? that should be very interesting….and then another on tapestry crochet???……WOW!!!


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