Well, it took a while, but I finally have my yarns and hooks ready to go!

I have enjoyed the process of starting out with wool roving, then dyeing and spinning it into yarn, immensely. The learning curve was not bad at all. Plus, I got a LOT of help from The Gods of Google, who referred me to The Lords of You Tube.

Now is the time, before I scamper off into Yarnia,

to share what I’ve learned so far, and where I learned it.

About the dyeing…I believe I posted this already, but it’s worth boring you to into a drooling heap  by repeating it. The roving has to be “drafted” from its natural state, into something of a proper thickness (about the width of a pencil) for spinning.  draft out more for a thicker yarn, less for a finer yarn.  “About a pencil width” gives you roughly…

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  1. Imagine my surprise when I came to your page today and saw that you reblogged my post! I am so flattered!!!


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