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Small rings are used to help covering bigger spaces between cords in Romanian Point Lace. Here I used 4 pcs. of rings, finished size – 7mm diameter.

First appreciate how big the ring need to be.

To achieve each time equal rings, a few toothpicks or matchsticks will do a good job. Here I used 3 toothpicks.

Put them together with a piece of thread or scotch band at 1/3 from one end.

Let 20-25 cm thread long at the beginning, turn the thread around the toothpicks 4- 5 times.

Cut the other end of thread 20-25 cmtr long. Put a needle at this end.

Do one or two  feston points vertically under all 5 threads and pull the ring gently out.

Do other feston points around the ring, taking care to keep equal  thread tension .

Complete the ring with feston points and, at the end, pass the thread…

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