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I love to multitask, it keeps me fresh and creative. I took a little time off to relax and live :-), I know you know what I mean.

I added the puff stitch to my little petIt is a relatively easy stitch but majestic looking (to me), the stitch I want to master (the Bouillon/Roll stitch)is still out of reach, still giving me a hard time, but I want to let it know that eventually I will master it.

Next I started a ……Granny Square Blanket, I love the ease of the granny square, you can practically fall asleep and still complete a square.

My Big Bag is slowly coming along, I love the texture though… 

On another note: I am going to have a give away with the unclaimed prizes. I have reached out to other Artisans and so far only Wendy (please check out my Blog Roll) has given hints but no concrete technique, yet, to how to recreate the vintage doily

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