The Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont is available online and if you like vintage crochet then you will love this book.

I have chosen these 4 stitches that are all variations of the cluster stitch (the modern name is Puff stitch).

They are a little more complex to crochet but are not too difficult and they give a nice texture to any project you are working on. Practice them because we will be using them when we take our journey.

Remember when I told you that the Bullion stitch is hard? well now I know why,  Therese said that:

“Bullion stitch can only be worked with wool or a very fleecy thread, such as Coton (a French repriser)  D.M.C,but trebles in bullion stitch can be worked in any of the D.M.C threads and cottons

The thread I am working with is cotton but it does not have the “fleecyness” needed to make the Bullion stitch so my tip to you is do not try it with our classic cottonyou will only waste your precious time.

This will be all for today,. Practice a lot it gets easier with repetition. See you soon!

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