I get bored relatively fast. Take for instance my granny square, after making 2 squares of the same traditional pattern I decided to do “my own thing” and ended up with this: on which I practiced my cluster stitch and made it look a little more lacy. My Blanquet will have a lot of different patterns like a kaleidoscope. 

The advantages of creating your own stuff are 1- you work faster since you don’t need to decipher a pattern. 2-you exercise your brain, therefore your brain get more creative.

The disadvantages are 1- sometimes you cannot remember how to duplicate the pattern, so you waste time trying to decipher how you did it . 2-you need to stop and write the pattern down, thus losing more time, isn’t this like the hare and the turtle?

My questions to you are: 1-  Do you agree with me? 2- Which of these two squares you like best?


  1. Much as I love traditional grannies…I like yours better. I like the variations on the original theme, as it keeps from getting too repetitive.


  2. “sometimes you cannot remember how to duplicate the pattern, so you waste time trying to decipher how you did it”

    Yep that’s me alright.

    Of the squares, I like the colors of the top one in the second picture but I like the design of the bottom one.


  3. 1) I would agree with you with regards to what you say about following a pattern or creating your own. If I see something someone else has created and want to make it I will make the effort to understand the pattern, though I prefer some people’s patterns to others. But often I can’t find just what I want easily and so then I am learning how to create my own patterns but I do find I need to make the thing from my pattern afterwards because sometimes I find I haven’t remembered what I did the first time correctly.
    2) I like the lower square best. It’s partly the colours but I really like the interesting lacy bit too. The top one might make a more serviceable blanket though.


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