I found these lovely lampshades through google images,  aren’t they unique and creative?

As we enter the Christmas Season 2012, which is right around the corner, yes, we are entering the countdown phase of 2012.

Have you started to think of ways to decorate your home in a creative way? have you started any new projects with Christmas or Thanksgiving as the theme? as for me I want to finish my brand new project: my granny square blanket in time for Christmas, but who knows.

I joined 2 squares last night and was feeling happy with myself thinking I was making rapid progress, only to find out this morning that I had joined one on the right side and the other on the wrong side, time lost, but I learned another valuable lesson: don’t go too fast and you won’t regret it later :-).

The bottom square is the bad boy, but it is okay, I will leave the joining  until all the squares are done and I have doubled and triple checked that they are all on the right side.


This is all for now, hope you enjoy your weekend and stay safe okay?? Stay tuned….



  1. I have my snowflakes for Christmas and now I am turning my mind to crochet for Christmas cards.


  2. The lamshades are very 70’s … what goes around comes around, as they say! Love them … =D


  3. Love the lampshades! The first one reminds me of one my mother had, only it wasn´t in crochet but in fabric… regarding decorations nothing up my sleeve for the time being 😦


    • you still have “little time left” lol, yes the lampshades can be updated with new colors but that’s all, I think they are beautiful!


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