I hope you are all having a nice day. I am aware that it is a USA holiday, but you are all welcome to visit and say HI.


Are you working on a project you want to share with us today? Do you have a technique you want to share with us? Any questions or games anyone?? Let us make this hour a fun relaxing one: WELCOME!!!



  1. Happy Labor Day! I’m working on dishclothes at the moment. I prefer working in circles so it’s a tad bit boring. I think I may have invented a stitch too, but haven’t had time to look it up.


  2. Thank You for the Labor Day greetings Daniella Joe! I think, as craft artisans, we should make a special effort to celebrate this day – after all we do work Very Hard at our chosen crafts. 🙂

    As for sharing a particular project with your readers… you know I always work on several of them at once, so I’ll just encourage everyone to drop by for a peek at what I’ve been up to lately.


    • Happy Labor Day to you Linda!!!!! my real name is Patricia :-),
      You are right about working hard, lol, I have just finished another square and yes I always visit with you, it is fun to see creative people at work…


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