When I’m tired I should not crochet.
It is irritating to find out that I completed a whole row on the WRONG side of my square. And since I tend to be a perfectionist I have to redo the round. NG stands for not good.

Well let me go to bed I need the rest, sweet dreams fellow Artisans..



  1. I want to say I would have left it, but….I would have done the exact same thing, torn it out and reworked it…after I slept.


  2. I just did this with some chair covers, I could see that one stitch out of place and I kept telling myself… ‘It’s OK… It’s OK..!’ They are only for my chairs to stop my kids staining them.. it’s not like it matters… who will notice? So I carried on for a few hours…………………………….
    On the 2nd night.. IT WAS NOT OK… NO WAY! I NOTICED, it did not matter that no-one else noticed!! I am also a perfectionist! I had to rip a load out because I did not listen to myself in the first place! 😉


  3. Oh that’s too bad. I could really kick myself when I make the same mistake.


  4. hear, hear! I am right there with you on that. Sweet dreams to you as well. 🙂


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