The Bullion Stitch is an advanced level stitch, it is not as easy and relaxed as  a double crochet or a single crochet. I am aware that I need more practice for it to be effortless, but to be honest with you I consider it to be a tough stitch.

I have used 2 stitches on the top round of this square, if you look to the right photograph you will see on the needle a bullion stitch and at the bottom of the same round you can see the Puff Stitch. I like the Puff  stitch because you can do it in like one second and you will get it right every single time (unlike the bullion) and I think that it looks majestic. My bullion is not perfect looking but I hope you think it is  decent looking for a beginner.

I hope you keep practicing different stitches. I will complete this square and share it with you in another post.

Stay tuned…



  1. I still have yet to find a “fluid” way of doing bullions, and I’ve been doing them for a looooong time. They’re a challenge, but one that is well worth their efforts. I love your combination of bullion and puff stitches here! Puff stitches are such a joy to work, I feel silly calling them, “work.”
    Your bullions look great, especially for a beginner! Do try the thing I leaned from Prudence Mapstone’s book…make your wraps for your bullions, insert your hook, draw up your loop…and here’s the change…draw off all but the last loop or two. Then, yarn over and draw off the last of the loops, for a more finished, much more stable, edge to your stitch. It works!


  2. I didn’t know about this stitch.

    I nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award here:


  3. Very good of you, I think you can make pretty fine borders with bullion stitch.


  4. You’re a real ‘glutton for punishment’ 🙂 I tried doing a bullion stitch after an earlier post of yours and you are right they are hard – in my case: impossible!


    • daniellajoe says:

      LOL, you might be right, but it is fun getting out of your comfort zone. The stitch is pretty thought, I won’t use all the time but it will show up from time to time 🙂


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