I hope you are having a really nice Monday.

Today I want to list a few of my Pet Peeves when it comes to the wonderful world of crochet

I am not trying to be negative but I do need to get these out of my system so that I can have a productive week. I hope you understand where I am coming from, since “..great minds think alike..” whoever said that gets an A+ in my book.

My Pet Peeves are: Why is it that when I make a mistake it usually takes me one or two rows to find out?? Why is it that when I leave my needle, thread and project on the same spot on the sofa I cannot find my needle when I return?? why does it keep rolling off to some other place?? Why is it that I love the way my projects looks (before I fasten off) and then decide they could look even better  after I’ve spent 20 minutes securing the end so that it does not unravel?? you get the picture.

Does this happen to you too? how often??

Here is an example: After countless hours working on my granny square I came face to face with a big mistake, Can you spot it?


  1. I don’t crochet (so I definitely don’t know what the mistake is in your granny squares because they look fine to me), but I understand the pet peeves. I think it’s universal for anyone who creates something.


  2. Pops De Milk says:

    Everything you described in your post happens to me ALL the time. I’m still looking for my 4.5mm hook and one of my tapestry needles even though I KNOW that I left them on top of the dining room table. Or maybe it was the couch. But isn’t it also worth it and fun when you discover while cleaning under the cushions that hook you thought you had lost?
    Also, I couldn’t tell there was a mistake until I REALLY looked. You do good work 🙂


  3. I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    If you’d like to accept this award then please take it to your blog and pass it on – if this is not your cup of tea then please accept this as a compliment on your blog.


  4. It happens all the time! I think my crochet hook is captured by knitting fairies, and moved somewhere so I’ll get frustrated and lick up knitting. I never fine mistakes or miscounts until I’m well into the next row…if I’m lucky…and, of course, I don’t see a need to tear out a finished row until I have so thoroughly cemented in the stray ends that it’s next to impossible to undo it. I’ve learned the hard way to wait a bit on weaving in the ends.


  5. It’s dreadful if you notice a mistake isn’t it. I always have to try and correct it though I have done it with cheat methods sometimes.

    Took me ages and ages to notice anything wrong and I had to use the biggest picture but I thought it was something different. Red looked okay to me.

    They look lovely I should just let it go. If you are making more squares it will just get lost.


    • thanks Rainbow you are kind, it IS going to stay as is I do not like unraveling if not at all necessary.. lol …..P.S. the error is in the 4 corners I should have switched back to double crochets, instead I continued with the puff stitch…


  6. I would have not have noticed if you did not say either. I just thought it was the picture. Nice work!!!


  7. Is it the bottom right corner of the square on the bottom right? The red row looks a bit narrower going round the corner there, but I’m saying that after I have stared at your photo for — ages!!!!! It really is stunning, and honestly, sometimes only the maker herself sees the mistake afterwards. 🙂


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