Detail of crochet hook table-cloth

Detail of crochet hook table-cloth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoy projects that take a long time to complete because they are more relaxing than the ones you can complete in a day or two.

Crocheting a big project can bring a smile to your face, happiness to your heart and a sense of triumph: I Did It!!

To try out this experiment you will only need your trusted crochet needle,  size 10 thread and lots of patience. There is no need to rush.

Tips: jumbo sized thread maybe intimidating to look at but I think it is best since you won’t need to keep joining or going out to buy more thread. Choose only one color, if you want to add variety you can always add that later.

You will need to have basic crochet skills. Please practice double crochet, chains 🙂 cluster v stitch, etc.

This is going to be a fun trip, hope you come along….



  1. Intrigued to see what you are going to make. But surely, thicker thread will work up more quickly but wouldn’t there be less on each ball so it would run out sooner than thinner thread?


    • Lol, Rainbow you crack me up. Size 10 thread is ideal because the finish product looks like real lace but much stronger so your creation will last for a hundred years 🙂


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