Final preparations are underway for the trip of a lifetime.

Tips to remember: 1- count your stitches 2- you will need a marker to remind you of the end of a row. 3- keep your stitches tight.

The stitch I  use the most is probably the extended double crochet but feel free to use the double crochet.  The cluster stitch is pretty and is often used and the lowly chain is really a star. We will use other stitches as well.

Feel free to go as slow or as fast as you wish. Some people can crochet at speeds that are incredible, I am not one of them. When you get bored just set it aside and start another project.

English: Detail of crochet table-cloth. França...

English: Detail of crochet table-cloth. Français : Détail d’un napperon au crochet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well this is all for now, stay tuned!!!

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