ROWS 14 – 19

How are we doing?? did you finish rows 1 – 13 already?? if you have not then do not worry, just keep in mind that a project this big needs for you to keep up with the group or you will get discouraged. These rows are fun because you can finish a row in less than one hour.

These rows are still easy, we are just repeating stitches, so here goes:

Row 14: continue the fan stitch – 7 ch – 2dc cluster – 1ch – 2dc cluster repeat until you have 5 dc cluster, one in each of the “wave” from the row below, another 5ch and another fan. You notice there is a rhythm in this form of crochet, it is just a series of repetitions. So after you finish row 14 you need to double-check that you have your correct amount of fans and 5dc clusters.

Row 15: fan – 10 ch – 1 wave – 2 wave – 3 wave – 10 ch – fan. I hope no pattern writer is among us, this tutorial is very unorthodox. Disclaimer: the sole purpose of this tutorial is to help you to crochet, please don’t use it for a model for “writing” crochet 🙂

Row 16:  2 dc cluster – 12 ch – 2 dc cluster – 12 ch – 2 dc – 1 ch – 2 dc – 1 ch – 2 dc – 12 ch and repeat. The photograph is worth a thousand words but if you still have questions let me know.11042013 004

Row 17: 5 dc cluster – 12 ch – 1 dc – 6 ch – 5 dc – 8 ch – wave – 8 ch, repeatthis photograph captures row 18 so just below you will have your row 17 🙂

Row 18: 5 dc cluster – 8 ch – 2 dc cluster – 8 ch – 5 dc – 6 ch – 2 dc cluster (these series of dc cluster try to put them in the middle point of your 8 ch from row 17) and one will fall in the wave, so repeat after me: 3 double crochet cluster is between each of my alter ego fan stitch, please don’t laugh too loud. The alter ego fan stitch will form the base of the pineapple.

Row 19: this is an easy row: 2 dc cluster – 4 ch – fan ( 2 dc – 1 ch – 2 dc) these groups are just regular double crochet not cluster but if you like the cluster you can make yours as dc cluster.

Lets us take a long nap after this lesson. I know it is confusing at times but if you look at the photograph it should all make sense.

If you find any mistakes let me know fellow artisans. See you soon!!

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