ROWS 1 – 7

Yipee!! we have finally left the port and it feels good. The salty air is very refreshing and the waters are calm, thank goodness!  no hurricanes in the forecast and no rogue waves are reported.

I have chosenmy seat and I am ready to begin my tablecloth, I hope you have gotten settled in too.

Take out your thread and  needle

The circle is easy: 10 ch closed with a slip stitch.

Row 1:  3 ch and 1 dc (this step is always tricky because it is the beginning of a row and it is an alter ego of the dc) this is your first pair, then separate this pair with 1 ch , repeat 9 times and close with a slip stitch, so your circle will have 10 pairs of 2 dc separated by 1 ch, please count to verify you  have your 10 🙂

 Row 2:  3 ch and 1 dc, you want to squeeze these 2 just before your first pair from the first round, trust me they will fit. This will make the half of our fan, our shell is 2 dc cluster – 1 ch – 2 dc cluster, repeat 9 times. The closing is tricky too. To make your 10th shell you need 2 dc cluster, chain 1 and go into the first stitch (the alter ego stitch) and close with a slip stitch ( I will not repeat the closing because we all are aware that each row needs to be closed). So you should have 10 shells and each shell  separated from each other by 1 chain.

Tips: to make your alter ego stitch look nice you need to slip stitch twice until you are in the middle of your shell  from the lower round. Your circle should lay flat, if it tends to cup you need to unravel and make the chain that separates each cluster looser.

Row 3: is easy.  Repeat round 2 but separate each shell with 3 chains. So : 2 dc cluster – 1 ch – 2 dc cluster (shell) 3 ch then another shell, so repeat after me: shell – 3 ch – shell. Count 10 shells in total, close.

Row 4: shell – 2 ch – 1 dc – 2 ch – shell, so round 4 should have 10 shells each separated by 2 chains one double crochet and 2 more chains.

Schematic of a fan stitch, in international sy...

Schematic of a fan stitch, in international symbols. Each fan has two pairs of double crochets, separated by a single chain stitch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Row 5: repeat round 4 with a little difference:  we will be increasing the single dc between each shell and we will be adding one more dc to our shell. So you should have 3 dc cluster – 1 ch – 3 dc cluster (shell) 2 ch – 1 dc – 1 ch – 1 dc – 2 ch – shell.

So we will be doing 7 rounds on our first day. Row 6 and 7 are very similar to round 5 the only difference is the increase.

I wanted to make minor changes to this tablecloth, while it won’t be identical to my blue one it will be very similar.

Take the afternoon off and enjoy the pool and the gym. We will meet again for another 7 or 8 rounds. I need to take 2  Xtra strength tylenol……..See you soon!!

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