These are all my designs.  I create them as I go along, in fact I create only the first part of a row and then repeat it several times. Creating is not difficult for me, it is easy. The hard part (very hard part) is to put it down on paper.

My patterns are created while I crochet, this is not unheard of, a lot of people do it this way. 

Crochet has rhythm and cycles and as I’ve mentioned before you can use existing stitches and work them in a different way and end up with a stitch that is totally different from the original stitch, sometimes this stitch may already been “discovered” by someone else and given a name.

My tutorials are free and my patterns are free and you are free to crochet along with me. I can use you to test my “writing” of the pattern 🙂

Any questions you may have about my patterns or writing of a pattern, will be answered. I welcome your opinion(s), I really do.

This is all for now fellow artisans, don’t forget to enjoy each and every day, it is a gift…..have a fantastic week!!!!


  1. “My patterns are created while I crochet”

    That’s the way I do it. And then I wish I’d written the pattern down when I go back to make the same thing!


  2. I especially like the one in red. Just lovely!


  3. 🙂



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