ROWS 30 – 31

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Row 30: everything remains the same as in row 29 except that there is no wave so 3 ch and anchor and then 3 ch then 2 dc cluster and repeat.

Row 31: we are closing the pineapples and here is how: 2 dc cluster then another 2 dc cluster (in the anchor stitch on row 30) then another 2 dc cluster in the 2 dc cluster from row 30, then 8 ch – small fan – 8 ch – 4 dc on the first stitch of big fan  – 2 ch – 4 dc in the middle of fan – 2 ch -4 dc in the last stitch of fan, please check photo.

I think it is better to start doing the tutorial row by row. I will complete the tutorial for rows 32 – 35 later in the day using these same photos.

Stay tuned, the majestic treble is making a grand appearance….


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