took 2 hours tonight to make my entry  for the MADE IT ! monthly challenge. This is  a fun competition that Maryanne started at her woolhogs blog.

As the defending champion, ( I don’t want to rub it in but….. I Won it last month!!!) I need to defend the crown. I tend to be competitive at times 🙂

I love to recycle,  so I took a red ball from last year and used the treble and double crochet stitch to cover it and then added the bullion stitch to add some drama. My bullion stitch is still  not perfect looking  but I am getting there.

Being a practical crafter I am going to share a secret: my sister told me years ago that she had read how someone had stored their Christmas tree with all the decorations,  to eliminate going  through the trouble year after year to decorate it.  I loved the idea so much that I have done exactly that, year after year, it has saved me lots of time. That is why you can see how it would look on the tree .

I hope you can take part too, you are going to love the excitement!!

My CAL is coming along. The photos are done,  but I need to do the hardest part the: writing, stay tuned….See You Soon!!!!


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