I am not trying to be dramatic,  it is true…I feel like I am in a very prolonged labor and it is not a nice feeling.

My cyberfriend and fellow artisan and blogger Jane (I got her name finally) from Rainbow,  discovered an omission, (which I quickly fixed), in row 32.

It would be so nice if I could crochet and Jane could write the tutorial…we could go a little faster, but I am not asking her because I know she is doing a different CAL.

Visiting with other crochet bloggers I came across Lacey Heward a Paralympian that crochets, that is a little unreal for me, it is like my two passions combined in one person ( for the records,  I am not an olympian, nor a paralympian, I just wish I was an olympian), there is really not a big  difference, is there??….so please visit her at Knotty Lace.

Well this is all for now, if you find any errors please let me know, if you like to write patterns please let me know…..Stay tuned….



  1. You have taken on a very difficult task, I think you are doing brilliantly well so far. One mistake – pfft, you’ve sorted it already (with Jane’s help)! Maybe think of it as teething pains instead of labour pains? 🙂
    Going to check out your friend’s blog now.


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