I totally had forgotten my grannies, out of sight really is out of mind, but in my quest to get organized, I have found them and will actively tackle each square,  aggressively joining and working like if I had a deadline.

I want to design a square for people who like the puff stitch and the bullion stitch, I know we are only maybe 2 or 3 crocheters strong but that is a start. Both stitch in one design:  WOW!! that is ambitious and not going to be a very relaxing square, but you know my motto: Practice Makes Perfect, so I will make the big reveal very soon.

By now you should know that I am a recycling Artisan, I love to think up new ways to give new life to an “old” thing.

This week recycling met charity in the form of Ripple Blankets for Orphans, all handmade by Linda from  alottastitches, each one is unique and beautiful and yes she can crochet faster than the speed of light in my opinion, please visit her blog.

I am on deck now with my granny square enjoying the peaceful view. All photos are found on Stumble, no need to report me… 🙂




  1. Colourful squares! I really must get started on granny squares … after I’ve made a dent in my current pile of WIPs! lol


  2. I like them!


  3. Your loyal followers had not forgotten your grannies….glad you’ve dusted them off. 🙂


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