ROW 37

Row 37: this row introduces the puff stitch, this is done with 4 yarn over for a nice texture but not bulky (with more YO) to be difficult to complete. We are starting with the small fan so remember to complete row 36 it has a 5 chain ending.

Row 37: after ch 5 from row 36 you will do your puff stitch (in the anchor stitch below) please note that now instead of 5 chains it will be 6 chains,  between each small fan and the decrease for the pineapple.

Nutshell: puff – 6 ch – small fan – 6 ch – knot 5 – 6 ch – small fan – 6 ch.


  1. the nutshell – love it 🙂


  2. Sarah Booker Lewis says:

    Such a great idea. I’ll look back once my Christmas gifting crochet is over.


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