Thanks Jill!!!

Remember the Made It Challenge? you can find it at woolhogs Blog. I wore the crown for one month and now I have to pass it on to Trish, the new winner, enjoy it while it last Trish 🙂

My Prize finally arrived today…. all the way from Cape Town,  South Africa, Wow!!. It was handmade by my fellow Artisan and Blogger and Cyberfriend Jill that’s a lot of titles, but she is really all of that and more.

I am not the greatest photographer and the picture doesn’t do it justice, but it is stunning to look at, the colors are warm and earthy, I love it!!!!, maybe tomorrow I will get a nicer picture for you to see it.

I thought Jill was an amateur but she is a Real Artist, I follow her Blog so I should know 🙂 Hugs Jill and a big thank you!!

I need to visit Jam Tarts and see what fun and creative stuff they have. Well this is all for now, Khotso Le Toka!!!!



  1. I am SO RELIEVED!!!! I was starting to bite my nails thinking that (a) maybe the mirror hadn’t made it safely across the ocean in one piece, or (b) it was going to take four years to reach you, by which time it wouldn’t matter any more…
    Glad you like it, I love making my mini mirrors and am always happy when they find a good home. Ukuthula Noxolo to you 🙂


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