Every day now I see new knitted poles popping up everywhere and all around our little town of Ojai California. I get a little giddy in the morning, anxious to find out what each new day will bring of warmth, color, fiber and fun.

It’s just like going out into my own garden every morning, coffee cup in hand, grateful for yet another beautiful day……and looking for any new “birthdays”.  A new bud, a new bloom, a new berry……and if there are I break out into the “Happy Birthday” song.I get the same feeling whenever I see a new pole in knitted bloom!

One morning I awoke to a whole intersection of birthdays!  Gosh, the smiles on peoples faces are priceless, everybody’s singing:-)

Even the local newspaper loves the spreading and sprouting of warmth and cozy. So it looks like I still get the beauty of blooms and birthdays…

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