ROW 39

Row 39: this row is easy since we already have the rhythm from row 38, the only changes are the increases in chain to keep our work flat, remember that I am starting with the puff so I am not mentioning the closing chains from row 38.

Please remind me to take the photographs with the noon sun, I think it will bring the pics to life.

Tips: your work should lay flat, if you notice it is curling at the beginning of the row,  please unravel at this point,  I know it hurts,  but it is not going to auto correct itself and better now than after you finish the whole row.

Nutshell: 3 puffs ( each separated by 1 ch) – 10 ch – small fan – 5 ch – 3 knots – 5 ch – small fan – 10 ch.


  1. What a beautiful intricate design!


  2. This is a masterpiece!


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