Today I decided I did not want to touch or look at my other projects I wanted to learn something new and fresh. So I picked up my Encyclopedia of Crochet (Donna Kooler) and went straight to the lace area and decided that the open fan stitch is really cute and that I wanted to spend time learning to do it, as you can tell by my photograph on the right I think it is a stitch that deserve my attention.

I learned it just by looking on the graphics, so I hope you can do that too, since as I have told you before, there is something wrong with me when it comes to the written part, I just cannot seem to understand it.

The stitches that I used are the treble, the double and the single crochet, one row is all fan and the next row is a mixture of dc and sc. She used the double treble (dtr) which is the longest standard stitch.  You yarn over three times before inserting the needle into a stitch.

In the next rows I will be using this stitch, and I hope my creation look as beautiful as the picture.

Well this will be all for now, and I hope to hear from you if you think lace is really pretty. See you soon…


  1. I totally see a bracelet in that stitch. Love it. I’m doing a fan stitch scarf at the moment, slightly different stitch configuration….


  2. It’s a very pretty stitch! I tried something new to and made a pair of boot cuffs.


  3. Soooooo pretty, and the colors also. Thank you for sharing. Best, Mtetar


  4. I LOVE this, i’ve never done anything in fan stitch before so I’m excited to see what you come up with. I’ve never worked from symbols, maybe it’s time for me to try! 🙂


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