ROW 42

The rows that are coming up are labor intensive, no mindless crochet with these rows and check and double-check after each repetition so as not to shed any tears because you have to unravel a w h o l e row, just FYI, and please don’t ask me how I know.

Row 42 will reintroduce the dc cluster this time using a 4 dc cluster (a.k.a big fan) to give a nice texture to our tablecloth. The 12 ch from the previous row is not  mentioned, so 4 dc cluster – 2 ch – 4 dc cluster (a.k.a big fan) – 12 ch – small fan – 3 ch – PA and PB will have 9 dc with 1 ch between them, I place a dc on the first and last stitch of the previous row and in each space, plus our sets of small fan between each pineapple.

Nutshell: big fan – 12 ch – small fan – 3 ch – PA: 9 dc each separated by 1 ch – 3 ch – small fan – 2 ch – small fan – 3 ch – PB: same as PA – 3 ch – small fan – 12 ch – repeat.

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